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renovation at sadashivnagar

client name

Mr.santosh Bilgundi


Sadashivnagar, Bangalore

project area

2,000.0 SQFT

project type

Residenctial Renovation

project duration

6 Months

project Status


The residence renovated was a seventy year old structure supported on a load bearing walls. The slab designed was a one way slab.

The kitchen and the store room were couped into one corner and had a dingy and dark look. The walls were pulled down and the slab was supported on ISMC at the corner of the newly designed kitchen area. The kitchen, store and part of the dining room were clubbed into one open kitchen with breakfast counter abutting along the corridor space leading into the master bedroom at the end of the corridor. The kitchen was cordoned off with a suspended overhead unit alongside vertical louvres. Ample light was let into the kitchen by opening up two doors leading into the set back area.

The garage room at the end of the corridor has been redesigned as a master bedroom. Considering the narrow width of the room, the bed was made built in place by making a brick frame which was filled in with debris from the site and finished with PCC. The bed side table along with the headboard was also cast in place finished in oxide flooring abutting the wardrobe unit.

The existing toilet was a small area with shower unit at a height of 4'6" from the floor. The toilet was extended out into a larger area with distinct areas for dry and wet zones. The shower area was redesigned as an open to sky area with fabricated hollow sections carrying cold and hot water lines and suspended shower heads. The walls were daddoed in a combination of white and black mosaic tiles with dark flooring to reflect light in the entire bathroom area.